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      1. Eastman

        Chemical synonyms:

           Propylene Glycol (and) TBHQ (and) Citric Acid

        Product description

        Eastman Tenox? 20 food-grade antioxidants stabilize various fats, oils, food, and cosmetics against oxidative deterioration, thus extending product shelf life. Eastman Tenox? 20 is a formulation of Eastman Tenox? TBHQ and citric acid.


        • Beverage ingredients
        • Food ingredients
        • Food preservatives

          Regulatory information and data sheets

          Product availability

          Check with local sales office to determine exact availability by country. Orders subjected to minimum order quantity.
          • Asia Pacific
          • Europe, Middle East, & Africa
          • Latin America
          • North America

          Authorized distributors

          Please select a region and country for a list of authorized distributors. If a country is not listed for a region, contact Eastman for further information.
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