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      1. Eastman

        ?University Relations

        An education with a career edge

        An education with a career edge Eastman offers paid internships and co-ops that provide real-world knowledge, enhance collegiate experiences, and prepare students for professional careers. Interns and co-op participants are treated as professionals and often have ownership of projects and assignments.

        Through countless activities outside of work, our internships and co-op programs also provide an abundance of networking opportunities. In the spring and autumn terms, approximately 30 to 40 students participate in Eastman programs; in the summer, around 100 students are involved. And you don’t have to be in chemistry or engineering curricula to take advantage of our internship programs. There are several non-engineering internship opportunities.

        Typically, interns and co-op students at Eastman have access to:

        • Scholarships
        • Paid vacation and holidays
        • Housing
        • Formal mentorship program
        • Flexible work schedules
        • Travel reimbursement
        • Networking with leadership
        • Plant tours
        • Gym facilities
        • Club sports
        • And much more

        Check out what previous interns say about their experiences.

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